At Sabah’s, we believe in quality not quantity. We only provide care to 4 children on each given day. This ensures that we can provide the best care to all the children in our “family” and make them the best versions of themselves they could be.

We know that parents want their children to have the best possible start in their lives. Sabah ensures they learn and progress according to their grade/ age. Aspects such reading, writing and interpersonal skills are all components that we work on with all our kids, regardless of their age.

We provide 3 meals a day and can cater to dietary requirements if need be. Each meal consists of carbs, protein and vitamins from an array of sources. We believe healthy eating is crucial to implement from an early age and to allow children to be exposed to all the different fruit and vegetables.


Why are we so strict with our sick policy?

As children are social beings and like to play and interact with everything, especially other children, the chance for illnesses to spread increase. If children are constantly sick and are exposed to viruses, it can lead to serious long term repercussions such as deafness and immune system defects.

As a parent, the last thing you need is your child coming home sick and spreading it to the rest of your family. In order to prevent or reduce the chance of your child becoming sick we take measures to ensure your child’s well being. We teach children the basics of hygiene, such as how to wash their hands and why they shouldn’t be putting toys in their mouth.  The facility and the room is cleaned daily which includes vacuuming, mopping, sterilization of tables, chairs and the toys.

Do we accept CCB & CCR

Yes we do accept CCB & CCR.

What is CCB & CCR?

The Child Care Benefit (CCB) & the Child Care Rebate (CCR) are two forms of financial assistance that The Australian Government provides families.

Please note: we are not involved in this process. This is between the parents and the Department of Human Services.

For more information on CCB or CCR click here

Where is Sabah's Family Daycare located?

Sabah’s family Daycare is Situated in Joondalup. Minutes away from bus and train services, it is easy to get to. For more information please email or contact us