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Welcome to Sabah’s Family Daycare

Sabah’s Family Daycare has been providing children a home away from home since 2011. Sabah understands that starting day care is big step for both parents and children and can be a difficult transition. Here at Sabah’s Family Daycare we assist and ensure that the transitional period for both parents and the child is easy and stress free by providing a homely, fun and family- like atmosphere.

Located in Joondalup, Sabah’s Family Daycare is conveniently located near several schools, public transport facilities and the Mitchell Freeway; Making Sabah’s Family Daycare a great option for busy families North of the river.

In having an extensive background in working with children that spans over 20 years, Sabah knows how to engage and interact with children of all ages and backgrounds. At Sabah’s Family Daycare we provide care for children between 3 Months to 12 years old.

Sabah knows how to engage and interact with children of all ages and backgrounds. We at Sabah’s Family Daycare are able to teach up to year 3 according to the West Australian Schooling Curriculum.

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From the moment we met with Sabah, Kaia was attached to her for the entire visit. Kaia has flourished at the centre. I cannot believe how well she listens when Sabah talks. Sabah instills values and manners in the kindest, gentlest way which Kaia responds to.

I have never once had to worry about dropping Kaia off in the mornings. It is a pleasure and Sabah makes the experience so casual and comforting. Not once has Kaia cried when we leave.

Sabah is a treasure to our family and we are so lucky to have found her to take care of our precious little girl.

Sabah has been very welcoming as I am a new mum and I have found a lot of things challenging at times. I have never been more pleased as I love having such a close relationship with Sabah and my son just adores her. She has an excellent manner with my son and great knowledge in regards to what he needs.

Sabah makes fresh, natural and homemade food for my son. Sabah has a very clean and child-friendly environment where my son feels at home.

I highly recommend Sabah as a family day carer.


Our daughter has been cared for by Sabah Tadros for the last 14 months since she was 14 months old. Sabah has well exceeded our expectations in every facet of childcare. We are grateful to Sabah for the time she has spent educating, nurturing and guidance shown to our child. We have seen Sabah's wonderful influence in our daughter's language and artistic skills, and also her development of social behaviour and self confidence. Sabah instills beautiful values and morals which complements our parenting methods.  Sabah keeps an impeccably clean home and cooks delicious and nutritious meals for the children in her care. We highly recommend Sabah's services to those who require childcare.

Mike & Portia

Sabah’s way

Sabah recognises that families are the children’s first and most influential teachers. We strive to create the same environment at Sabah’s Family Daycare to help children shape their identities and feel a sense of belonging.

At Sabah’s, we believe in quality not quantity. We only provide care to 4 children under the age of 4 at each given day. This ensures that we can provide the best care to all the children and make them the best version they could be.

We provide 3 meals a day and can cater to dietary requirements if need be. Each meal consists of carbs, protein and vitamins from an array of sources. We believe healthy eating is crucial to implement from an early age and to allow children to be exposed to all different types of foods and see where their food comes from. With several fruit plants and a veggie patch, children have a hands on experience seeing how their food ends up on their plate.