About Sabah’s

Sabah’s Family Daycare has been providing children a home away from home since 2011. Here at Sabah’s, we know it can be a difficult time for both parents and children; that is why we create a homily atmosphere. In having an extensive background in working with children that spans over 20 years, Sabah knows how to engage and interact with children of all ages and backgrounds. Sabah’s Family Daycare provides care for children from 3 months up to 12 years old, and are able to teach up to year 3 according to the West Australian Schooling Curriculum.

Children’s curiosity allows them to explore, discover and make sense of the world around them. When this curiosity is nurtured, they are allowed to discover new things in a fun and safe way.

At Sabah’s, children have the freedom to choose what they want to do as we believe that it doesn’t only improve their engagement but it gives them the sense of responsibility and confidence.

With programs such as Art Time, Children learn some of the most basic skills through interacting and sharing the experience with their fellow peers. As we only provide care for a small amount of children each day, it allows children to get to know each other, learn how to be sociable and make meaningful relationships at such an early age.

Our Team



Sabah Tadros is a carer with over 30 years experience in working with children.



Nancy Tadros is the second half of Sabah’s family daycare.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to provide a family daycare  service where children are welcomed into a friendly home- like environment. A Home Away From Home.

The children’s earliest development and learning takes place through their relationships with family, community, culture and place.

As an educator, Sabah recognises that families are children’s first and most influential teachers. We try to create the same environment at Sabah’s Family Daycare to help children with their own identities and feel a sense of belonging.

Our Process

At Sabah’s, we believe in quality not quantity. We only provide care to 4 children at each given day.

Effective sick policy

We have policies in place to ensure your child’s health and well being is paramont.

A unique daycare service

Family Day cares can provide many benefits to you and your child.


Sabah’s Family Daycare accepts CCB & CCR, making it more affordable to put your child in a daycare service